After a "Frontiers of Nonviolent Communication" workshop collaboration between Nick Meador and NVC trainer Katie Testa (in white).

After a "Frontiers of Nonviolent Communication" workshop collaboration between Nick Meador and NVC trainer Katie Testa (in white).

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With holistic facilitator Nick Meador:

"Your workshops were some of my favorites all summer. The cacao ceremony was certainly a highlight. Thank you for holding that space and challenging my inner fears. 😊🙏" –Jack Utermoehl, Sept 2017

"If you are looking for a joyful experience that connects you in a deep way to your real self and others you will not be disappointed. The cacao by itself gives you a feeling of peace and open-heartedness on a higher level. Coupling it with the practices Nick lovingly leads, healing and deep insight can occur (and has for me). Plus it's just a lot of fun being with people of like mind who want to grow and enjoy this life." –Raymon Heddy III

"I can say that almost nothing works when I do any healing therapy, and this one woke up positive feelings in me, like compassion, love and excitement, resilience, etc. I'd like to do it again myself. ... appreciate it!" –Nila Camelia DeLas Rosas, from a Trauma Release Workshop, Feb 2017

"I have to tell you! The workshop you led at Cosmic for Nonviolent Communication was so powerful for me! Each day I am able to practice something from that workshop, especially honoring my authenticity! So grateful!!" –Mackenzie Morris, from Cosmic Convergence Festival 2016

"I had the privilege of attending one of Nick's workshops he gave at Cosmic Convergence 2016-17 at the Journey Portal. I stumbled into the workshop while I was working for the actual festival production and I'm super grateful that I did. [...] We began the class by learning the power of saying 'no' and then went deeper with partner exercises that explored our limits and brought up past experiences of times when our boundaries had been crossed. We learned the power of our own energy to effect the energy of others simply with our attitudes and how that can be used to positively influence the mood of a group. We then went deep into a compassionate listening exercise that for me brought up some of the biggest issues I see in myself and others moving me to tears and a much need cathartic release. I was so inspired by Nick's workshop I have implored him to come work with our festival production team before the event so that we can learn to better communicate with one another towards our communal goal... I would highly recommend this type of training for anyone who interacts with other humans on a daily basis." –Garrett Cadou, from Cosmic Convergence Festival 2016

Sheri Rioux

Sheri Rioux

"I have so much gratitude for you and all that you do to create such healing and supportive events. You create the space where I feel comfortable being my true authentic self." –Sheri Rioux, from a Cacao Meditation & Sharing Circle, fall 2016

“Thank you, Nick Meador, for leading one of the more moving workshops of my life.” –Carrie Luna Collins, from Three Days of Light, Oct 2014

“Nick, thank you for facilitating the workshop at YogaFest. It was the most powerful experience of all the workshops I attended that weekend. I would go as far to say, it was the most powerful I’ve experienced in a long time. I ‘see’ people, if that makes any sense, and you are pure of heart. Intentions are genuine, I can hear it in your voice, sense it in your being. Thank you for honoring your truth and serving others. I had reached a point of ‘dislike’ for workshops but the YogaFest workshop reignited a new trust. Thank you!” –Ericka Tithof, YogaFest at Song of the Morning, Aug 2015

“Your workshop was the most profound thing that happened to me at Lakes of Fire. It helped me to understand and learn a lot of things about myself I didn’t realize, and it was really amazing to learn so much from other people too. Your mediation turned it into such a fluid conversation of so much sharing and outpouring of emotions and energy, it was very, very powerful. I really have a deep respect for what you do.” –John Maguire, Lakes of Fire (the Midwest Regional Burning Man event), June 2015

“Thank you for allowing me and the others to experience ourselves differently, with new insights into what messages our minds and bodies are trying to send.” –Kimberly Neisch, private workshop, fall 2014

Jessica Keenoy at the first Vibrant Dawn

Jessica Keenoy at the first Vibrant Dawn


Reflections on Vibrant Dawn: Morning Rave in Detroit on 8/16/16:

“Man, I’ve been high all day from this morning. Naturally. It feels so good. Feeling super inspired to continue this sober enjoyment. Thank you so much for creating a safe and sober space for people to enjoy themselves and not feel the pressures of drugs and alcohol.” –Jessica Keenoy

“Such a beautiful experience with amazingly loving people. I enjoyed the freedom, self expression, openness, freedom from judgement (from myself and others), getting to be so present to so many beautiful moments, and the integration I felt – body, soul, mind and spirit. I felt so much connection with God, with myself and with others. Beautiful experience!!!” –Natalie Davis-Weir

"Today was AHHHH-mazing!!! I made wonderful connections and just overall enjoyed the entire experience." –Sheri Rioux

“Testimony: there’s no better way to start your day than with high vibe individuals dancing it out and YOGA. The connections I made at this event inspired me to continue on this path and also to drop some of the stuff that never really mattered. A wonderful mirror into the future. Thank you for giving me the space to express myself. Such a clean, fresh feeling.” –Brittany Eden


Transformational coaching, Reiki, breathwork, and integrative bodywork with Nick Meador:

Tamila Timm

Tamila Timm

"Thank you, Nick, for the healing Reiki and coaching session today. You calmly held sacred space, honored my personal journey, listened attentively without judgement and allowed the energy of spirit to channel and flow effortlessly. I would recommend without hesitation. I am glad that our paths crossed along THE WAY." –Tamila Timm

“Your work was filled with much insight and wisdom. You were extremely sensitive to my emotional states and needs, asking questions where further comprehension was needed and always offering ideas in a confident but sensitive manner. You have opened the doors that bring direct and specific healing. The way your spirit evokes clarity of mind and soul is incredible! You also master the skill of using your verbal and nonverbal language to enhance that ability. Continue on in what you do, I pray.” –Janée Messer

“Nick, your work has a huge benefit in this world and I see it making a wonderful impact on those who are blessed enough to partake in them. Your down-to-Earth approach along with your acceptance, kind-heartedness and gentleness made me feel really comfortable telling you all my feelings and emotions. Thank you.” –Christopher “Selomon” Closson

“I really enjoyed the open and welcoming space that was provided to express what came up naturally. The questions that were asked, the visualizations utilized, and techniques used helped me access my inner self in a deeper way.” –Jenni Eifler

“I felt really uplifted and energised by the experience. I found it really easy to open up to you and felt that you were really present with me throughout the session.” –Danielle Marie Texeira