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A warm cup of the organic Guatemalan cacao above a traditional Mayan tapestry. (Photo by Kate Wilson)

A warm cup of the organic Guatemalan cacao above a traditional Mayan tapestry. (Photo by Kate Wilson)

You've probably had plenty of "chocolate" or "hot cocoa" in your life, but if someone says cacao (pronounced cah-caow) you might get a puzzled look on your face. It's simply the pure form of chocolate, before it gets heavily processed, mixed with a ton of sugar, and turned into candy bars, truffles, etc.

Pure cacao is a traditional plant medicine long used in indigenous cultures for introspective and celebratory purposes. In ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations it was traded like currency, and regarded with such esteem that it gained the name "Food of the Gods."

We sell cacao paste, which is different than cacao powder from the health food store because it still contains the natural and healthy fat (cacao butter).


Cacao has only barely been recognized as the superfood it truly is.

Not only does cacao contain antioxidants, magnesium, iron, and more. It also features theobromine, a mildly stimulating compound different than caffeine because sensation is less jittery and it doesn't produce as much crash or cravings. While South American cacao can have some caffeine, Guatemalan cacao reportedly contains none.

Cacao perfectly compliments a variety of meditative activities, ranging from shamanic drumming, to ecstatic dance, to simple seated meditation. It's a plant ally in the sense that it can provide insights, give a clearer sense of direction and priorities in life, and help make decisions by cultivating gut intuition.*

You could make your own bliss balls with our cacao paste! We like ours gluten-free, vegetarian, and with no sweeteners but honey.

You could make your own bliss balls with our cacao paste! We like ours gluten-free, vegetarian, and with no sweeteners but honey.


Soul Lift Cacao specializes in organic small-batch cacao grown at family farms in Guatemala and prepared specifically for ceremonial use. That also means it's roasted over an actual wood fire.

One source is an indigenous family farm in Cobán that sends the cacao to a women's collective at Lake Atitlán for selection, roasting, and pouring in intentions for it to be a "soul medicine" to the world. Read about Ruk'u'x Ulew (Heart of the Earth) cacao HERE.

Another source farm is off the grid, creating hydroelectricity from a local spring to drive their custom-made grinders. They are actively working on reforestation and permaculture projects, and finding ways to support indigenous farmers in their community. They keep free-range livestock that fertilize the cacao trees and help turn the soil. Read about DaliLeo's cacao forest HERE.

We'll have more information about both these sources soon!


I truly love the cacao you are offering and have found a new depth to my morning ritual & life with her support.
— Alex Crow,
Carla Samson, Align Divine Yoga

Carla Samson, Align Divine Yoga

“Wooowww! We had the soul lift cacao at the Align Divine Cacao Ceremony last night and all I can say is wow! That was some incredibly potent medicine. Everyone went so deep and folks who return every month agrees that this was a potent cup for them. Thanks so much for being a bridge for this magic!” – Carla Samson,

“Soul lift Cacao has become an integral part of the practice thanks to the facilitations held by the founder Nick Meador. After attending a very potent somatic breath work activation last January, my intrigue in working with plant medicines was taken to a whole other level, waking up in the morning and beginning my day with a quiet moment in stillness with a warm cup of cacao and listening to the heart beats between breathes has become a most vital and deeply pleasing part of my experience. This stuff lifts your soul up. Definitely Recommend.” – Joe Marlow, Still Life Yoga

“If you’re looking for ethically and lovingly sourced ‘Food of the Gods,’ then Soul Lift is the place.“ – Darren Gray


Pure cacao is the perfect way to deepen your personal practice, and a great addition to your yoga classes or workshops that you facilitate.

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