(photo by Melissa Henk)

(photo by Melissa Henk)

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Nick Meador runs consistent workshops in SE Michigan and has also facilitated in Chicago, Denver, Central America, and at Burning Man. Workshops can be public or available only for your private group. For more info, use the contact form below.

Roasted cacao beans before they're turned into a ceremonial drink and sacred cacao treats.

Roasted cacao beans before they're turned into a ceremonial drink and sacred cacao treats.


In this sacred circle we drink the indigenous plant medicine cacao, grown organically in eastern Guatemala by a farmer Nick knows personally. Pure cacao can open the heart; deepen meditative experiences; boost insights, focus, and motivation; and foster inner/outer connection.

Nick leads an opening circle to share intentions and create a supportive container for one another. In the core of the ceremony, Nick takes you on an intuitive flow through meditation, breathwork, connection exercises, guided movement, and more, sometimes collaborating with sacred sound facilitators.

After the holistic experience for mind, body, and spirit, we regroup for discussion and integration. You’ll likely leave with a calm sense of euphoria, more connection to something bigger than yourself, and a readiness to step further on the path of your destiny.

Customization: Ecstatic Dance + Cacao (collaboration with a DJ), Serving Cacao at a Party (public or private)


In this cutting-edge experiential workshop, facilitator Nick Meador presents an interpretive application of Marshall Rosenberg’s popular Nonviolent Communication paradigm.

In NVC we focus on the feelings that arise depending on whether or not our needs are met. Nick has found that bringing in awareness of body sensations (the other kind of “feelings”) and fluency in nonverbal communication can further boost our interpersonal effectiveness.

Nick will give you a basic overview about taking responsibility for your own experience and making “I” statements. Then he’ll guide you on an eye-opening journey of boundaries, assertiveness, fear-facing, “reading” people’s gestures, and using body sensation to inform your actions.

After tapping into your gut direction—or “inner waymark”—you’ll leave with an equipped mindset that helps you meet your needs and live a more fulfilling life.

Cacao ceremony in summer 2016

Cacao ceremony in summer 2016


Join holistic facilitator Nick Meador for an inspiring and insightful journey that weaves together therapeutic practices for body, mind, and spirit.

First Nick will lead an OSHO active meditation or a Bioenergetics exercise, such as Chakra Breathing (a standing breathwork that activates and cleanses the body’s energy centers) or the Dynamic (a catharsis experience). Nick customizes this with his transformational coaching to cultivate spiritual warriorship so you can better handle whatever life puts in your way.

After setting things in motion, we’ll transition into more verbal territory and use interpersonal exercises to build awareness and communication skills. You’ll identify limiting beliefs and thought patterns in order to re-write them with something more empowering.

This is all capped at beginning and end by intention and integration circles, so that we can have a deep, powerful experience and also support each other in finding more liberation, joy, and fulfillment.


Join holistic facilitator Nick Meador for a gentle workshop experience in which we allow the body to let go of frozen energy patterns.

Trauma isn't something that happens only to certain people. Really it happens every time we're in a situation that *the body* registers as threatening.

Shaking and quivering are common ways that animals release trauma. Humans don't do this and then store the negative effects of trauma as "muscle memory." Something in us freezes up, and over time this accumulates in the form of mind-body symptoms.

Here Nick will guide you to softly release the trauma without even having to go into the stories and memories.

This workshop combines elements of OSHO's Kundalini Meditation, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing, and more.


Nick’s approach to yoga is all about allowing the body to speak for itself. Nick believes yoga isn’t simply an aerobic activity or a chance to show off acrobatic skills. It’s a deeply personal path that can benefit every aspect of your life.

In a group setting, Nick creates a space for you to feel comfortable learning so you can cultivate a more positive connection with your body.

As for style, Nick specializes in gentle flows that focus on tension release and calming the nervous system, while still bringing in some engagement and strength-building. Yet he tailors instruction to the group at hand, offering options for different levels of experience.

In a private session, Nick meets you where you are in your practice, going at a pace that really works for you in that specific moment. There’s no single right way to do yoga, only YOUR way.

Nick loves to share this simple but powerful practice with others because of how immensely it has helped on his own path of overcoming chronic depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and long-term illness.

Customization: Yoga + Cacao, Kava Yoga, Deep House Yoga (collaboration with a DJ)

(photo by Melissa Henk)

(photo by Melissa Henk)


If you’re feeling called to embark on healing and self-discovery work so that you can level up in all areas of life, Nick offers transformational coaching sessions that can provide even deeper insights and forward motion than group workshops. We’ll evaluate your goals for growth and empowerment and make concrete steps to work towards them. This is done by balancing the mental intention with an openness to what your body and spirit suggest.

Depending on your requests and Nick’s intuition, these session can involve verbal coaching, yoga, Reiki, breathwork, ceremonial cacao, trauma release, Nonviolent Communication training, and other practices. Nick operates on the assumptions that only you know what’s truly right for you, and that you have the power to heal yourself. Nick is honored to walk by your side towards greater empowerment, liberation, and fulfillment.

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Do you have an organization or group who would benefit from a deep transformational experience? Let Inner Waymark create a customized immersive retreat for you. Whether for a weekend or longer, we can build a retreat involving meditation, yoga, energy healing, movement therapy, communication training, mindfulness practice, cacao ceremony, and more.

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