BS Free Spirituality demystifies introspective practice and makes holistic self-management options – yoga, meditation, communication training, and beyond – more accessible to ordinary people. We create online courses, workshops, retreats, and private coaching to teach through direct experience.


We envision a coming world that has transcended the divide between "mainstream" and "New Age." In our view, spirituality is something that happens not only in shrines or yoga studios. We see spirituality as an inherent part of the life of every single human who has ever lived, even if they didn't think in those terms.

BS Free Spirituality will be a force that creates gentle invitations for people to examine their own internal experiences, without pressure or dogma about the way people "should" be or act. We believe this will make more space for people to be as they truly are, and this will not weaken society but strengthen it. We envision a healthier society arising from people being more radically honest with themselves about what brings deep meaning and fulfillment in their lives.




These concepts influence the creative process behind BS Free Spirituality:

  • Self-responsibility: Ultimately we can only really know our own direct experience. And only we can know what's right for us as individual. So it's up to us to examine our own mental, emotional, and physical experiences, and adjust in ways that can bring us a lighter, freer way of being, as well as create positive change in the world around us. No one else can do this for us. Pointing fingers, calling people out, and passing judgment actually adds to the problem. Take responsibility to find and implement actionable solutions.
  • Determination: We can handle anything that life puts in our path. Leaning into fears and challenges instead of avoiding them will bring great rewards, if our intuition tells us it's something in the way of our next stage of empowerment. Lasting change doesn't come in an instant. That's why we call it a "practice." We get out of it what we put into it. Keep going. Stay committed. It'll be worth it.
  • Exploration: Life is a journey, a quest, an adventure. We will find allies and helpful groups along the way. And we'll also encounter tricksters and foes. Ultimately, life is a solo mission that each one of us lives out with ourselves. Any one school or system will be insufficient as a guide to living life, because life and reality are both infinitely complex, and society is changing all the time. So the exploration never ends.
  • Purpose: All of our experiences have meaning, even the unpleasant or challenging ones. Each of us has a unique contribution to make to the world. We can lead from our values and core intuition, taking hints from our body and soul, and find a context and scale in which to create impacts that give us a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • Expression: We express our truth both with words and also with actions. It's a matter of duty to find our truth and take steps to share it. We understand this can be scary. That's what makes the journey worthwhile! We're unfolding our destiny with each expression that arises from our core. Our truth can (and probably will) change. That's okay. Think "big picture." Each of us is writing a lifelong opus.