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The Tantric Way Series: 3-Week Process at InanItah

  • InanItah Volcan Maderas Nicaragua (map)

NOTE FROM NICK MEADOR: I attended this three-week course in early 2016 and found that it significantly contributed to my process of empowerment and healing. Gaia is a powerful facilitator capable of holding the container for a deep, enriching journey. This isn't merely hyper-sexualized Western tantra, but a crucible in which to maximize our connection to the divine within ourselves, with a lover, and with community. This work can and will change the world. That's why I'm helping get the word out. ♥

"This is a deep, intense path of transformation, realization and healing. I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to work on him/herself, go through their fears, wounds and find what is behind it."
Mañu Courtois, Sacred Intimacy Coach

“I love seeing the ripples your teachings create. You changed my life forever.”
Megan Flamer, Corporate Marketing Consultant

The Tantric Way is a carefully designed and spontaneous process of awakening led by Gaia Ma. You will transform your relationship with life by learning to cultivate intimacy with yourself, to deepen intimacy with your sexual partners, and to create intimacy among groups.

Intimacy creates a container of trust in which you feel safe to strip off conditioned layers and reveal the essence of who you are. In this safe container, you are empowered to step into true freedom; a moment-to-moment way of being. True intimacy gives you the tools to realize the intention of tantra: to weave the individual self with the universal self.

By engaging your whole being in the Tantric Way process, you will activate a shift in consciousness and experience a continuing transformation.

December 4-23, 2016
Volcan Maderas, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua


• Self-Inquiry
• Systemic Constellation
• Dance and Movement Therapy
• Breathwork
• Meditation
• Sexual Deconditioning
• Massage & Healing Touch
• Communication skills
• Ritual and Magic

Reserve your spot in the program with a registration deposit of $200, sent via Paypal to The cost of tuition for the entire 3-week series is $1008 if registered by July 31, 2016, and $1200 by Sept 30, and $1400 thereafter. Full amount must be paid by the specified date to get one of the early deals.

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Course facilitator Gaia is best described as raw, authentic and fiery. Her life’s passion is to serve the evolution of individual and collective potential. Gaia embodies aliveness and presence, inspiring others to break through their conditioning to live more freely.

Gaia has facilitated self-development groups internationally for nearly two decades. She is a certified Skydancing Tantra Teacher and Osho Therapist and has a degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies from New York University. More info at