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Nick Meador's Soul Lift Cacao Tour 2017

Nick Meador is making a Soul Lift Cacao Tour from Colorado out to and around California. If you have friends in any of these places, please invite them! You can find the links to specific workshops along with their registration pages on the tour Facebook event.

Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremony - Boulder, 10/13, Amana Yoga

Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremony - Denver, 10/15, Urban Sanctuary

Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremony - SLC, 10/16, Full Circle Yoga

Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremony - Las Vegas, 10/17

Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremony - Santa Cruz, 10/20, Pacific Cultural Center

Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremony - San Francisco, 10/21, Yoga Society of San Francisco

Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremony - Sausalito, 10/22, Yoga of Sausalito

Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremony - Oakland, 10/24, SkyHigh Odditorium

Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremony - Los Angeles, 10/25, The Be Hive

Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremony - Ojai, 10/27, Hamsa Dance Studio

Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremony - Los Angeles, 10/28, Liberation Yoga

Tantric Expansion Cacaco Ceremony - Encinitas, 10/29, EVE Encinitas

At each workshop, transformational facilitator Nick Meador will host a cacao ceremony weaving together holistic (mind/body/spirit) therapeutic practices to break through what’s limiting your true potential and start maximizing your life purpose and fulfillment.

These will be "white tantra" experiences focused on soul healing and life force expansion. With the help of the heart-opening plant medicine cacao, we'll de-armor the body and clarify the mind so that we can create more productive life patterns. This opens up the path to more bliss and connection with the divine, whether within ourselves, with a partner, or with a whole community. *These are not specifically couple's workshops. Individuals and pairs are all welcome.*


Nick is also tracking his workshops in Google Maps for easy locating. Click on an icon to find the date, time, studio name, and Facebook event link:

Nick will be touring in association with the Kula Collective, who run cacao tours and yoga trainings around the world. Use code SoulLift to get a $100 discount on one of their trainings!

He's also raising money for a Nutrition Program to support the workers at the DaliLeo cacao farm he sources from. Learn about it here and please consider DONATING!


Nick Meador is an RYT-200 yoga instructor, transformational life coach, holistic event producer, cacao vendor, and writer. His mission is to empower and liberate people in a sustainable way. Nick synthesizes a variety of conscious communication and awareness systems into an innovative approach to healing and self-development. He is the founder of Inner Waymark LLC, creating events, services, and media content based around the idea that we can find meaning, purpose, and direction within. Nick also runs Soul Lift Cacao, selling organic single-source ceremonial cacao products; and Maya Eterna, a social enterprise offering hand-made goods obtained through direct relationships with artisans in Guatemala and Mexico. Find out more the About page and in Nick's Facebook group.