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Meditation, Reiki Share & Cacao

Join Nick Meador for a night of nourishment and connection.

Part 1 ~ Nadabrahma Meditation: Gentle OSHO meditation involving humming and energy flow. Great for relaxation and recharging.

Part 2 ~ Reiki Share: Everyone takes turns giving and receiving safe, gentle touch. No training or attunement required. Basic instruction will be provided.

This gathering will focus on gentle touch and will be distinguished from other modalities like massage therapy and shamanic healing.

Nick is trained to help you work through any challenges that are up before or during the event. Those arriving with a very heavy situation will be guided through some minimal processing before the Reiki share to protect the energetic container.

Wednesday, July 6
Ferndale, MI

For the address, email If you arrive after 6:30, please come to the back door so as not to disturb the meditation.

Cacao balls will be available for $3 each (1/2 ceremonial serving). Cacao consumption is optional at the event. Suggested overall contribution $5-$10. If you feel called to attend but funds are a problem, let me know and we can work something out.

Pure cacao is a heart-opener that can deepen meditative experiences and inner/outer connection. Cacao balls are made with love by Nick using sacred organic Mayan cacao grown in northern Guatemala. It has a smoother flavor than most ceremonial cacao, but still offers a deep energetic connection. The balls are sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan (except for honey). They contain seeds, coconut, tahini, and more yumminess (inquire if you need exact ingredients). If you'd like more than a couple, place an order in advance to make sure there will be enough. This promotional deal can't last forever!

*It is not advised for people taking SSRIs or people with a heart condition to have a full serving of raw cacao. Nor is it advised to eat more than two cacao balls in an eight-hour period.

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