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Soul Lift Cacao Training & Ceremony near Detroit


Transformational facilitator Nick Meador presents an Cacao Training followed by a Cacao Ceremony, to show how cacao can integrate with classes and workshops that you lead, and then give you a chance to experience directly.

In the Class (5:00-6:30pm), Nick will share information based on his visits with cacao farmers and experts throughout Central America, as well as serving cacao in workshop settings over the last two years. This will include both the:

• Soul Lift Cacao ceremonial drink prep guide, and a

• Facilitation Tips guide with important cacao info (the difference between chocolate, cacao, etc., health precautions, and more.)

In the Ceremony (6:30-8:00pm), Nick will serve the gentle plant medicine cacao, grown organically in eastern Guatemala at a family farm that he visited personally, and lead through some a simple but powerful ceremony.

Cacao is the natural, unprocessed form of chocolate grown in tropical regions around the world. Most people know cacao as a superfood. It has an extremely high amount of antioxidants, known to remove free radicals from the body. Cacao is high in beneficial vitamins and minerals, especially iron and magnesium. And the main active compound, theobromine, gives a boost of energy without the crash or cravings that come from caffeine (which is actually very sparse in cacao).

Yet cacao also has another aspect not spoken about in health food stores, and that is a plant medicine. Legends tell of ancient Mesoamerican civilizations using cacao for introspective and celebratory purposes, calling it the “Food of the Gods” and possibly even trading it like currency. Cacao continues to play an important role in cultures of indigenous Mayan and Aztec heritage. This more mysterious and magical aspect of cacao offers the potential to put you more in touch with your body and your soul.

In the most basic sense, a ceremony is a chance to look within ourselves in a facilitated group. With cacao, the increased blood flow and presence of other compounds like anandamide (the “bliss molecule”) can give you a sense of feeling fully alive and in touch with your life force energy. It’s common to get an insight into how you could live a lighter, freer life, plus the motivation to actually make a change.

*This will be Nick's last public event in Michigan until sometime in 2018!



Sun, Dec 3

Casa Cacao

Private residence in Royal Oak, MI

*Address sent to those who pre-register


Contribution for the Class + Ceremony (starts at 5pm):

$35 advance

$45 on the day of the workshop


Contribution for the Ceremony alone (starts at 6:30pm):

$15 advance

$25 on the day of the workshop



**BONUS: Everyone who joins will be admitted to Nick’s new private members forum – a $25 value that will include members-only media content and discounts on future courses!

If funds are an issue but you feel called to attend, please write to Nick beforehand at

*Cacao consumption is optional at this event. It is not advised for people taking pharmaceutical anti-depressants or people with a heart condition to have a full serving of pure cacao. For any other questions about the cacao served at this event, please write to Nick on the Contact page


Nick Meador is an RYT-200 yoga instructor, life coach, holistic event producer, mindful entrepreneur, and world explorer. Nick has been organizing gatherings that promote connection for 15 years, and leading self-development workshops for 5 years. Two years ago cacao had a profound impact in Nick’s life, leading him to take more responsibility for his own health and well-being. Since then Nick has made many trips throughout Central America to meet with cacao experts and farmers and learn more about this wonderful plant. Nick receives his ceremonial cacao from an organic family farm in eastern Guatemala using sustainable agroforestry methods.


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