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Soul Lift Cacao Online Training


Have you heard about the magical potential of ceremonial cacao and wonder what it's all about? Or have you experienced it for yourself and want to learn how to share it with others?

In this online training, Soul Lift Cacao founder Nick Meador will explain everything you need to know to serve cacao in a ceremony, yoga class, ecstatic dance, or similar setting. *This course is designed for those who already have training and experience in holding sacred space, but it's open to anyone who would like to learn more about cacao.

**Nick will be donating 10% of proceeds from this training to a charitable cause in Guatemala. Soul Lift Cacao currently sources exclusively from family farms in Guatemala, so it's important to give back to these communities!

Cacao is the natural, unprocessed form of chocolate grown in tropical regions around the world. Most people know cacao as a superfood. It has possibly the highest amount of antioxidants of any food. Cacao contains beneficial minerals like iron and magnesium. And the main active compound, theobromine, gives a boost of energy without the crash or cravings that come from caffeine (which is actually very sparse in cacao).

Yet cacao also has another aspect not spoken about in health food stores. Legends tell of ancient Mesoamerican civilizations using cacao for introspective and celebratory purposes, calling it the “Food of the Gods” and even trading it like currency. This more mysterious "plant medicine" side of cacao offers the potential to put you more in touch with your body and your soul. You can gain insights into the best direction moving forward, as well as the focus and motivation to take action towards those goals.

You'll be amazed how easy it is to prepare and serve cacao so that people can experience a positive impact in their lives!


• 2-hour online event

• 1/2 lb (about 5 ceremonial servings) of Soul Lift Cacao's Ruk'u'x Ulew variety organic cacao paste (U.S. shipping included; register by Jan 13 for timely delivery) – NEARLY A $28 VALUE

• The Soul Lift Cacao Guidebook PDF, with lots of info about history, nutritional facts, ceremonial drink preparation, precautions, and a simple cacao ritual – AN $8 VALUE

• Webinar video available for private viewing later on YouTube


• Entry to the Soul Lift Cacao Members Lounge, a secret Facebook group where you can stay in touch with other trainees!

• A PDF excerpt from Nick's BS Free Spirituality Manifesto... a chapter about Transformational Facilitation!


4-6pm Pacific (7-10pm Eastern)

Sunday, January 20

by Zoom video webinar (instructions sent to registrants)


$60 early bird through Jan 6

$80 regular registration from Jan 7-20

*Eventbrite fee added on top of webinar price.

*Registrations after Jan 13 will still receive the 1/2 lb of cacao, but without guarantee that it will arrive in time for the class. Webinar login info and PDFs will be sent by email within 48 hours of the online event.

*Registration includes U.S. shipping for the half pound of cacao. POSTAGE OUTSIDE THE U.S. REQUIRES EXTRA SHIPPING FEE AND TIME. In that case, before registering please write to us at



"I was a cacao skeptic when I first met Nick at at festival in Michigan. The spirit of cacao must have followed me home, because shortly after I became very interested in the supposed plant medicine. I thought it would be a unique tool and experience to add to the services that I offer at my studio. I decided to sign up for Nick's online webinar in December 2017, after six months off of sugar, chocolate, and coffee. Nick's background in cacao was truly what inspired my love for it. Where the cacao is grown, how it is cared for, and the tender attention the cacao demands in order to produce fruit – all those details fascinated me! I am grateful for the cacao webinar and the opportunity to connect with others who are passionate about cacao and sharing its benefits with their community. With the knowledge and experience from the webinar I feel blessed with a whole new appreciation for the true value of cacao. Thank you Nick for the experience, and also for your willingness to share your knowledge so it can be expanded upon by other teachers and those who hold space for transformation. With gratitude, Erica Rae."


Nick Meador is an RYT-200 yoga instructor, life coach, holistic event producer, mindful entrepreneur, and world explorer. Nick has been organizing gatherings that promote connection for 15 years, and leading self-development workshops for 5 years. Three years ago cacao had a profound impact in Nick’s life, leading him to take more responsibility for his own health and well-being so that he could overcome long-term illness. Since then Nick has made many trips throughout Central America to meet with cacao experts and farmers and learn more about this wonderful plant. Nick founded Soul Lift Cacao as a public food retail business based in San Diego, California. He specializes in organic Guatemalan cacao grown at family farms and prepared with the intention of being a spiritual medicine to the world. Learn more at