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Cosmic Convergence Festival 2017/2018

  • Santiago Atitlan Guatemala (map)

Nick Meador will facilitate FOUR WORKSHOPS at this year's Cosmic Convergence Festival. It's got a lot of heart, a lot of grounded connection, a lot of opportunities to learn and dance, all at one of the most beautiful places in the world.

1) Embodied Nonviolent Communication (Journey Portal):

In this cutting-edge experiential workshop, facilitator Nick Meador presents an interpretive application of Marshall Rosenberg’s popular Nonviolent Communication paradigm.

In NVC we focus on the feelings that arise depending on whether or not our needs are met. Nick has found that bringing in awareness of body sensations (the other kind of “feelings”) and fluency in nonverbal communication can further boost our interpersonal effectiveness.

Nick will give you a basic overview about taking responsibility for your own experience and making “I” statements. Then he’ll guide you on an eye-opening journey of boundaries, assertiveness, fear-facing, “reading” people’s gestures, and using body sensation to inform your actions.

After tapping into your gut direction—or “inner waymark”—you’ll leave with an equipped mindset that helps you meet your needs and live a more fulfilling life.

2) Cacao and the Heart (Cacao Sanctuary): As we dissolve the barriers within us that we have built against ourselves and the world, we can deepen our connection to our true essence and deepen that connection to those around us. Nick Meador will guide you through a heart opening exploration using tantra practices and the support of Cacao. We’ll explore in pairs, but feel free to come as an individual."

3) Chakra Breathwork (Mystical Tea House): Based on OSHO's Chakra Breathing meditation, this is like a cleanse for the nervous system that washes away the effects of scary or unpleasant experiences, heartbreak, and any mental resistance to living in your full power and potential.

4) Re-Men-Ber Who You Are: A Men's Journey Deep Inside, co-facilitated with Nimrod Harel (Mystical Tea House): A journey of remembering and reconnecting to the deep essence that lives within every man. Join us as we bring back ancient knowledge that has been forgotten, about what it is to be a man on this earth. What are we when we release it all? Join us to find out.

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Later Event: January 20
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