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Community Energy Healing & Cacao Tasting

  • East Bay Community Space 507 55th Street Oakland United States (map)
Katerina Kan (photo by Aleksandra Shira Dubov)

Katerina Kan (photo by Aleksandra Shira Dubov)

Nick Meador (original photo by Maria Calderon)

Nick Meador (original photo by Maria Calderon)

Join Nick Meador and Katerina Kan for a debut experience featuring cacao and energy healing in the Telegraph Room at East Bay Community Space.

KATERINA is the founder of The Dynamic Mindset (, offering a Belief System Reconstruction practice that uses the tools of ThetaHealing and traditional Chinese Feng Shui to bring your internal and external landscapes into alignment with your goals.

This energy healing practice is built on the belief that our mindset affects our experience of the world outside of ourselves, and vice versa.

Kate will lead a Group Energy Healing to facilitate a field clearing, download unconditional love and acceptance, and help us all drop back into our truest, clearest, most thriving selves.

NICK is the founder of Soul Lift Cacao, a social enterprise that makes the most delicious organic superfood cacao available in the U.S. and beyond, in a way that way promotes mindfulness, supports sustainable farming, and protects indigenous traditions.

Cacao’s nutritional profile contains:
- A high amount of antioxidants
- Iron, providing increased blood oxygenation
- Magnesium, providing relief of muscle tension

Cacao’s spiritual and emotional benefits include:
- Heightened focus and motivation without crash or cravings
- Gentle mood boost from anandamide, aka the Bliss Molecule
- Heart chakra opening for self-love, compassion, and forgiveness
- Aphrodisiac effects
- Greater connection with your body and spirit

We source cacao through ethical direct trade with family farms and collectives in Guatemala. Nick will serve multiple kinds of ceremonial cacao for you to taste, and these samples are included in the price of entry.


Sunday, April 21
The Telegraph Room
East Bay Community Space
Oakland, CA

This space is next door to The Well, a local organic cafe serving food and drink.


$15 advance
$20 day of event