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BS Free Facilitator Training: Online Certification Course


Are you feeling the calling to step into facilitation? Or have you taken trainings to be a healer, spiritual teacher, or guide... and wonder how to tie all those together?

In this six-week online course with visionary facilitator Nick Meador, you'll learn how to guide people through a transformational process with advanced ethics, awareness of trauma and consent, and a stronger container.

You’ll gain new perspectives and skills that you can apply in any healing or self-development service or class you offer: yoga, meditation, Reiki, ecstatic dance, tantra, cacao ceremony, etc… even psychotherapy.

Nick launched BS Free Spirituality with the mission of demystifying introspective practice and bringing attention to power dynamics and safety in the realm of self-development.

For the last decade, Nick has been researching and training in various healing modalities, spiritual traditions, and mystery schools, in order to find the parallels that connect all of these. Now this wisdom is congealing into a cutting edge approach that re-defines facilitation.

Throughout his own journey, Nick encountered many cult-like groups that ranged from a little irresponsible to downright scary. In a realm where people are changing beliefs, identity, and their sense of reality, abuse of power is far too common.

Nick kept the gold and ditched the rest, and will now show you how to avoid those same pitfalls, both as a seeker and a facilitator.

Your students, clients, and community will thank you for the balance of grounded humility and ethical wizardry, as well as a deep, profound understanding of what it means to hold a "safe space," that you'll bring to the table.


• Six live webinars, 90-minutes each, recorded for later viewing by registrants

• Two private 1-hour coaching sessions

• Private FB group to communicate with classmates

• Recommended exercises for in between classes


• A PDF download of the BS Free Spirituality Manifesto ebook by Nick Meador

• PDF certificate demonstrating your completion in the course

• 10% off orders of Soul Lift Cacao during the course


• 6 weeks

• Tuesdays at 6pm PST/9pm EST

• 90 min per class

• Oct 1 - Nov 5


$444 Early Bird rate through Aug 30

$544 Regular rate Sept 1 - Oct 1



*Doesn't include the coaching sessions or other bonuses




In each class we’ll go through examples of the “wrong ways” to do things, then talk about better options. And you’ll have opportunities to practice your skills of communication and presentation in class.

Oct 1 - Logistics

• Getting clear on your offering

• Balancing what you trained to do, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what people actually show up for

• Practical matters of promotion, ways of getting the word out, ethics of marketing, etc

Oct 8 - The Container

• The literal and symbolic meaning of a container

• Agreements/guidelines for safety and consent

• The importance of setting intentions

• Social norms, diversity considerations, etc.

Oct 15 - Tools of the Trade

• Cacao as plant ally and tool for self-development

• How that fits in with the realm of other plant medicines

• Simple tools: crystals, tapestries, smudge,

• Healing and self-development modalities as tools

Oct 22 - Transformational Process

• Sequencing (safety with deep dives)

• Titration (flowing between light and shadow work)

• Embodied vs cognitive work, and best practices for bodies and minds

• The responsibilities of the facilitator

Oct 29 - Structure and Chaos

• Arrangements/constellations and what they mean/convey

• Types of exercises and their purpose

• The importance of transitions and how to handle them

Nov 5 - Integration

• The final transition: back into day-to-day life

• What was the point of all that? How can it be more than just a peak experience?

• How to be available and accountable afterwards



Nick has been a transformational facilitator for almost seven years, and has studied depth psychology independently even longer than that. Nick founded BS Free Spirituality ( to demystify introspective practice and make holistic self-management options more accessible to ordinary people. With this project he brings attention to power dynamics in spiritual self-development and teaches people how to keep themselves safe on the path of personal transformation. Nick is also the founder of Soul Lift Cacao (, a social enterprise that makes the most delicious organic superfood cacao available in the U.S. and beyond, in a way that way promotes mindfulness, supports sustainable farming, and protects indigenous traditions. Nick is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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