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BS Free Men's Work: Embodiment, Connection

  • 3966 Piedmont Ave Oakland, CA (map)

Join transformational facilitator Nick Meador for a new kind of men’s workshop that combines:

• Embodied Empowerment
• Ethical "Pickup"/Initiating a Connection
• Consent Training

This is a chance to step outside our comfort zone and expand the scope of what’s possible in embodying masculinity in this day and age.

We’ll start by shaking off muscle memory in the body resulting from out-of-date social conditioning, external expectations, and difficult past experiences. This "cleans the slate" on a somatic level so your natural life force can flow more freely.

An optional shot of ceremonial cacao will be served to help with this embodied empowerment, courtesy of Nick's social enterprise Soul Lift Cacao (learn more at

Then we’ll cultivate skills for creating and optimizing connections in dating and relating. This ranges from developing inner confidence and clarity about needs and desires, to effective ways of reaching out and finding mutual fulfillment.

Consent expert Cyrena Giordano will be present as guest teacher to provide practical skills for co-creating connection.


Stepping more into ethical masculine development has a lot to do with balance. Being confident but not egotistical. Strong but still tender. Sexual but not overly aggressive. Grounded but still adventurous. A leader but not domineering.

There’s not much reflection of this in the cultural discussion about men these days. Now’s the time to pave a new way.

**THIS IS A BS FREE SPIRITUALITY EXPERIENCE. The container is confidential (your experience stays in the space) and consensual (you decide what's right for you). GUEST LIST IS HIDDEN to maintain confidentiality and doesn't reflect actual attended. All men and male-identifying people are welcome to attend.**

Sunday, September 30
3966 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA 94611
*Enter on Piedmont and look for the stairs to the 2nd floor studio.

Advanced registration $18
Day of workshop $25



Nick Meador is an RYT-200 yoga instructor, transformational life coach, holistic event producer, mindful entrepreneur, and world explorer. His mission is to empower and liberate people in a sustainable way. Nick has been leading self-development workshops for nearly six years, based on experiential training in somatic process work, bioenergetics/OSHO active meditations, yoga, tantra, shamanism, men’s dating work, plus consent and communication practices. With his new project BS Free Spirituality, Nick creates online courses, workshops, retreats, and private coaching to teach through direct experience. The idea is to demystify introspective practice and make holistic self-management options more accessible to ordinary people. Learn more at Nick is also the founder of Soul Lift Cacao, specializing in organic ceremonial cacao from sustainable sources in Guatemala that are preserving ancient traditions. Learn more at


Cyrena Giordano of Consent as Love: Cyrena is a LOVE inspirationalist through consent! She has a comprehensive understanding of conscious communication through certifications in NVC, co-counseling, and life-coaching alongside extensive experience facilitating all ages of people, shamanic dance performance, and performing singing and sound-healing for the past 12+ years-- all of which she incorporates as wisdom into her workshops and song circles (circle she's been hosting regularly for the past two years). Officially and originally trained in interactive theater/ theater for social change, consent, and power and privilege facilitation for multiple years in college (where she also created, directed, and acted in her own interactive theater show around consent 20+ times for community-based houses), alongside being inspired by mindfulness practices in college and beyond, she uses these experiences as foundation for her current consent offerings. Learn more about her work at