Somatic Dreamworker and BS Free Spirituality founder Nick Meador (Photo by Megan Boyd)

Somatic Dreamworker and BS Free Spirituality founder Nick Meador (Photo by Megan Boyd)

Are you experiencing mysterious night dreams and want to know what they mean?

Let’s face it. Dream interpretation books are B.S.!

But dreams do contain meaning that can help you find direction, purpose, and meaning in your life.

Dreams “speak” through a symbolic language. Yet the significance is unique to the dreamer.

So the same dream storyline could mean different things to different people.

The thing is… the body also “speaks” in a symbolic language.

When we have a pain or other strange sensation, it can be looked at as a window into the soul… much in the same way we often think of dreams.

In SOMATIC DREAMWORK, I’ll help you unfold the contents of your dreams to see what they’re really saying about your life.

That confusing situation, or big decision, or nagging feeling in your gut? Your dream has something to say about that.

But it’s not about my analytical interpretation. It’s a journey and a process of discovery, that we will embark on together.

(The same can be done with a vision from meditation, a strange coincidence, and other perceptions outside our ordinary rational awareness.)

Feel the deep relief and grounded sense of clarity that comes when you realize something inside you is guiding you all the time.

I have been working with dreams in this way for over six years. And I guarantee that you won’t find a service exactly like this anywhere else.

That’s because, in addition to the actual dreamwork, I’m also bringing a lot of attention to psychological and emotional safety.

In other words, my SOMATIC DREAMWORK is BS Free!

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