Are you ready to eliminate some BS from your life?

Have you been in and out of "helping professional" offices without a satisfying amount of change?

Do popular approaches to yoga, meditation, and self-improvement seem dry, boring, or cliché to you?

Are you ready to embark on an introspective journey that feels more like an adventure?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then NOW is the time to discover what my work is all about.

My cutting-edge coaching will take you on a quest to find what really works for you and then stay dedicated to make it a reality.

What my coaching does NOT involve:

  1. Generic motivational advice.
  2. Pre-packaged formulas or systems.
  3. Ancient philosophy that is not up-to-date with modern life.
  4. Assuming that the past will determine your future.
  5. Me doing anything TO YOU or INSTEAD OF YOU.

What a coaching process with me DOES involve:

  1. Admitting where you feel stuck.
  2. Identifying your authentic needs and desires.
  3. Negotiating with limiting voices and beliefs.
  4. De-armoring and re-empowering the body.
  5. Designing a lighter, freer life – and LIVING IT!


    YOU'RE the real explorer here. YOU'RE the one taking charge of your situation. I can't do it for you.

    But I'll be with you at the crucial steps along the path, walking along side you, providing gentle but rock-solid support.

    I'll never pressure you to continue a practice or adopt an idea that doesn't feel right to you in your core. 

    In return I'll ask you to STEP UP and prove to me that you're ready to do the work to change your life.


    So... are you ready to start exploring?

    Then let's talk about my one-of-a-kind coaching services!


    • Coordinated guidance throughout a 3-month span of time.
    • Six 90-minute private video chat sessions (twice per month).
    • Downloadable recordings of the session video for review.
    • Priority email access for support when challenges arise.
    • Personalized practice suggestions in PDF form.


    • Entry to the BS Free Spirituality private members forum, featuring support from other explorers, exclusive members content, and discounts on retreats and online courses.
    • 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of ceremonial-grade cacao shipped anywhere in the U.S. (international shipping extra).



    I can only guide you through a coaching journey if you show me you're willing to stay determined, face the fears that are holding you back, and take responsibility for your own empowerment. So let's have a quick chat to make sure that's the case!



    There will be no obligation or pressure to buy anything! This is just a chance to see if we're a good fit to do some serious work together.