Soul Lift Cacao Guidebook SUBSCRIPTION

Soul Lift Cacao Guidebook SUBSCRIPTION


THIS LISTING IS A ONE-TIME SUBSCRIPTION TO AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE A NEW COPY WHEN THE SOUL LIFT CACAO GUIDEBOOK IS UPDATED AND REVISED. It’s only $3 more and still includes the instant download of the current version (released October 2018).

This 15-page PDF contains all you ever wanted to know about ceremonial cacao!

BS Free Spirituality founder Nick Meador has traveled Central America over the last three winters, visiting cacao farms and experts to learn as much as possible about this mysterious plant.

Now he's sharing the information in one convenient download.


  • Cacao Glossary

  • Drink Preparation & Serving Tips

  • Cacao Treats & Other Foods

  • How to Introduce Cacao (Superfood & Plant Medicine Aspects)

  • Important Precautions/Contraindications

  • A Simple Cacao Ritual

  • Notes on the Topic of Cultural Appropriation with Cacao

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