BS Free Spirituality Manifesto

BS Free Spirituality Manifesto


This 35-page PDF ebook by BS Free Spirituality founder Nick Meador is your new go-to guide for avoiding cults, narcissists, and abuse of power on the path of personal transformation.

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This is a distillation of Nick’s 10 years of independent study, and six years of experiential training in various kinds of healing and self-development modalities, ceremonial traditions, and shamanic & tantric mystery schools.

The central point of this BS Free Spirituality Manifesto is that power is a factor in every human interaction, and that it often gets misused or abused by teachers or leaders in this area. So educating ourselves about power and learning how to better navigate this realm is crucial to our holistic well-being and spiritual development.


  • Author’s Note

  • Introduction

  • Basic Premises of BS Free Spirituality (CLICK HERE to read a free excerpt)

  • A BS Free Spirituality Perspective on Transformational Process

  • On Transformational Leaders

  • On Transformational Groups

  • A Synthesis of the BS Free Spirituality Vision

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