BS Free Spirituality Consulting

BS Free Spirituality Consulting

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Nick Meador will help you discover a new way of thinking about what it even means to "hold sacred space," as well as the skills to facilitate safely and effectively.

Build your awareness of power dynamics and how those play into any kind of tranformational journey where someone is working on their body, mind and spirit.

Whether you're a yoga teacher, life coach, or other kind of healer or guide, this will take you practice to the next level and keep you ahead of the curve for spiritual teachers!

This is a distillation of Nick’s 10 years of independent study, and six years of experiential training in various kinds of healing and self-development modalities, ceremonial traditions, and shamanic & tantric mystery schools.

A private consulting session includes the BS Free Spirituality Manifesto as a PDF. (By the way, the Manifesto is now available for separate purchase in the Amazon Kindle store!)

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