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Transcending the Stigma about 12-Step Programs

BS Free Spirituality founder Nick Meador comes out to explain how the 12-step program Marijuana Anonymous is changing his life, and why he believes that most people alive (in the U.S., at least) could benefit from programs like this.

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VIDEO: Is Cacao Now Less Accessible to Indigenous People?

Recently someone asked about cacao becoming less accessible to indigenous people in the countries where it grows. The question may come from a mistaken analogy with quinoa, which actually has become less accessible to the people who have traditionally used it. The ceremonial cacao movement doesn't present the same kind of threat. In fact, quite the opposite.

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VIDEO: Talking About Safety Creates Safety

On the path of personal transformation, being able to talk about safety creates safety. Receiving ridicule or punishment for even bringing up safety is a red flag that a spiritual or transformational space isn't safe. The BS Free Spirituality Manifesto by Nick Meador is your new guide to avoiding cults, narcissists, and abuse of power on the path of personal transformation.

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