Free Webinar: BS Free Recovery from CFS/ME


Hey everyone, I've been getting so many questions about my successful recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome that I've decided to share a FREE talk on some of the principles and viewpoints that are important in such a process.

I'm living proof that it's possible. I had to break the rules and find my own way through. Every path is unique, but there are certain parallels in any process of recovery. I've identified those parallels, and I'm a seasoned coach and facilitator who has been guiding people towards more empowerment and liberation over the last five years.

My focus on CFS/ME recovery is action-oriented, weaving together cutting-edge tools for holistic self-management with little known healing/therapeutic practices to release embodied trauma and de-sensitize the nervous system after the effects of unhelpful cultural conditioning and painful life experiences.

I can't wait to share this new approach to recovery with you all. Please invite anyone who could benefit from this. Also check out my FREE group: BS Free Recovery from CFS/ME