New Paradigm Party Values & Guidelines


(LAST EDITED ON 4/28/19) New Paradigm Party is a celebration that’s also a workshop on how to party consciously. This BS Free Spirituality production launched in Oakland, California, in August 2018.

The event started as a response to transformational festivals and dance events, and out of a desire to put more energy and attention into how the "container" is held.

That's not just the physical space, but also the VALUES and GUIDELINES inherent in the event.

So here are the ones offered for the edition of NPP happening on June 7, 2019, which are likely to transform as the project develops:

  1. INCLUSION: We are committed to welcoming all races, genders, sexual orientations, personalities, neuro-types, abilities, socioeconomic groups, etc. – as long as they are able and willing to follow all of these guidelines and treat others with respect. We seek to identify and work consciously with dynamics of power, privilege, authority, racism, sexism, etc., to improve upon societal norms and create an environment in which anyone who is interested in the event can find fun and connection.

  2. CONSENT: We strive to create an environment of willful participation, free choice, and safety of all kinds (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual). We’ll honor other people’s space, bodies, energy, and perspectives. We bring extra attention to consent around physical touch, and make sure to ASK FIRST if there’s any question whatsoever of whether the person would be a “yes.” (Clothes stay on at the event.) All instructed activities are just an invitation. You choose for yourself – whether it’s about consuming cacao, joining a workshop, dancing with someone, or anything else. We also get consent before giving advice to another person or making suggestions based on our personal philosophy or experience. Taking of photos and videos is generally not allowed, unless you get verbal permission from anyone who would be in the shot. Any questions/concerns/dilemmas at the event can be brought to an “angel” or event host for support, which might include taking action to remedy a breach of consent.

  3. AUTHENTICITY: We show up sober, without the influence of drugs or alcohol. Anyone perceptibly under the influence will be asked to leave the event. We seek to transmute the potentially challenging thoughts and feelings that can arise in a party environment when we are sober, and gradually find more flow, relaxation, bliss, and mutually fulfilling connection. We express ourselves in the most fulfilling way possible, being mindful not to detract from anyone else’s ability to do the same themselves. We value open communication and speaking with “I statements” about our own experience, instead of saying things like “you should.” (For more about the communication guidelines underpinning New Paradigm Party, please read this page.)

  4. SELF-RESPONSIBILITY: We know that each of us is ultimately in the driver’s seat in our own life. We’re the only ones who can improve our own situation and meet our own needs. We can’t change another person. We can only make a request of them or co-create a way forward together. Self-responsibility also means asking for help when we need it. We strive to maintain personal integrity with these values, and to be accountable when out of alignment – which could include stepping up to make amends.

  5. EVOLUTION: We’re committed to constant refinement, improvement, and intentional change. The event organizers are open to feedback on how to do that. And we also practice self-awareness as organizers, following our own intuition and internal guidance on how to best meet the needs of the surrounding culture, and create more positive impact in the world. New Paradigm Party will never be complete, always becoming and overcoming itself.