New Paradigm Party Agreements

 (Photo by Samson SunEyes)

(Photo by Samson SunEyes)

New Paradigm Party: Cacao, Consent, and Conscious Celebration first launched on Sunday, August 19 in Oakland, California. It's a collaboration between BS Free Spirituality founder Nick Meador, DJ Audionai, and Cyrena Giordano of Consent as Love.

This event was envisioned as a fully immersive night where we explore what it really means to have an intentional gathering. We want to make sure we are showing up to the party feeling fully resourced, supported, and safe on our journeys of celebrating and seeking a more wholesome connection to ourselves and one another. Think of it as a party that’s also a workshop on how to party consciously!

The first New Paradigm Party was a hit, and we'll be building it into a regular series in East Bay and beyond! Throughout that process we'll be inviting and incorporating feedback and suggestions from attendees, so that this can really be a co-creative endeavor. After all, to us "new paradigm" means creating more horizontal, interconnected forms of organization to challenge assumptions about authoritarian power structures.

With that said, here are the event AGREEMENTS that Cyrena has spearheaded as we move forward:

  • Speak/Act from your heart.
  • Honor yours and other people’s space and choice to the best of your ability.
  • Take Responsibility for Yourself
    • Your actions & how they impact you and others.
    • Speak with “I” statements (Own your experience).
    • Use the language of observations/feelings/needs/requests as much as possible.
  • If you feel unable to uphold agreements or respect self/others, please seek support/clarity from space-holders and/or take yourself out of container.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help (from one of us).
  • This a safe/brave space.
    • A space meant for being courageous, learning and practice.
  • Take care of yourself.
    • You never have to do anything you don’t want to do.
    • If you can’t take care of yourself, please seek out our support if needed.
    • Eyes closed = don’t want to dance with anyone.
  • This is a substance-free event.
    • Please come in an ordinary state of consciousness.
    • We're only working with cacao here.
  • This is a clothes-on event.
  • Photo and video will only be taken and allowed in a few time blocks and specified parts of the venue, which will be announced at the start of the event.