Cacao Interview by Brittany Nelson


In late December 2017, Brittany Nelson interviewed BS Free Spirituality/Soul Lift Cacao founder Nick Meador about his work with ceremonial cacao and the impact it has had in his life. Here's a sample:

What drew you to cacao? What made you a believer and now a carrier of the medicine?

I thought the idea of a cacao ceremony sounded silly when I first heard about it in late 2014. Then in mid-2015 I was at a regional Burning Man event and someone at my camp held a cacao ceremony. I swallowed my pride and joined in. Immediately I had the sense that cacao was going to be a big part of my life. Right after that, I led my own workshop and felt a focused energy that was totally new to me.

Cacao helped me make a huge step forward in my recovery process from the chronic illness that started in 2011. Within a month of that first ceremony, I started a structured training program for the Camino de Santiago, the walking pilgrimage across the country of Spain. Even in early 2015, I still believed I'd be sick forever. But cacao helped me stay focused and motivated, and soon I was re-writing limiting self beliefs. I ended up walking 410 miles on the Camino when my original goal was only 60.

Then I went to Guatemala for New Years 2016, which was the start of a 4.5 month journey through Central America. On that trip and in early 2017 I visited cacao farms and experts to learn more about how this special plant medicine is grown and prepared. Since the start of 2016, I've probably led at least 100 cacao ceremonies and other workshops with cacao.

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