BS Free Values: FREE Video Series

Hey everyone, this is Nick Meador.

I'm so excited about my new project BS Free Spirituality that I want to take an opportunity to explain to you what it's all about and how my services can change your life in a huge way.

To me the best way to do that is to give you a sense of the core values underlying the vision – the principles that give shape to my life's work.

Throughout the week of December 4-8, I hosted a 5-part FREE Live Video series on the BS Free Spirituality Facebook page. (Make sure to head over there, click Like, then click the "Following" radio button and make sure Notifications are set to "On." That way you'll receive a Facebook notification whenever I post something there.)

These videos convey a journey that people will likely undergo during any real transformational process. The five values inform and inspire everything I do in my private coaching, retreats, and workshops.

To skip from one video to the next, click the three lines in the upper left of the video screen, or just use the button in the lower left of the video to skip to the next one.

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Nick Meador