Reflections on the First Vibrant Dawn: Morning Rave in Detroit

The closing Renegade Yoga class at Vibrant Dawn on 8/16/2016. (Photo by Eric Rentschler of Eluminous Studios.)

The closing Renegade Yoga class at Vibrant Dawn on 8/16/2016. (Photo by Eric Rentschler of Eluminous Studios.)


The first Vibrant Dawn was a blast. Over 60 people gathered at 6:00 am on a Tuesday in Detroit for guided movement, dancing, and yoga. We had a wild party without any drugs or alcohol. And the flavor was pure Detroit yet totally new and experimental.

At Inner Waymark we find the "morning rave" model (early weekday yoga and dance party) fascinating because it bridges the cultural edge between the mainstream club scene and alternative/holistic/spiritual practices. It's a place where people can express themselves authentically, however weird or quirky they may be. That means a lot for people who have never danced without alcohol, or who crave a community of positive change-makers.

The response to the first one was phenomenal. Here are some of the testimonials we got:

Man, I’ve been high all day from this morning. Naturally. It feels so good. Feeling super inspired to continue this sober enjoyment. Thank you so much for creating a safe and sober space for people to enjoy themselves and not feel the pressures of drugs and alcohol.
— Jessica Keenoy
Such a beautiful experience with amazingly loving people. I enjoyed the freedom, self expression, openness, freedom from judgement (from myself and others), getting to be so present to so many beautiful moments, and the integration I felt – body, soul, mind and spirit. I felt so much connection with God, with myself and with others. Beautiful experience!!!
— Natalie Davis-Weir
Testimony: there’s no better way to start your day than with high vibe individuals dancing it out and YOGA. The connections I made at this event inspired me to continue on this path and also to drop some of the stuff that never really mattered. A wonderful mirror into the future. Thank you for giving me the space to express myself. Such a clean, fresh feeling.
— Brittany Eden

And this is only the beginning. Find info on upcoming Vibrant Dawn morning raves on our Events page.

Listen to DJ Lena's mix recorded at the event here:

Here's a compilation of video clips taken by Eric Rentschler of Eluminous Studios at the first Vibrant Dawn.

(Edited by Nick Meador. Song: It's All About You- Doug Gray & DJB Feat. Darian Crouse [Entity's Deep Connection Mix], used with permission)

Enjoy these photos also taken by Eric!