Episode 6: CACAO!


Inner Waymark founder Nick Meador returns with the first new podcast in months to talk about CACAO! Nick leads cacao ceremonies and also incorporates it into other workshops for healing and self-development. So many people have been asking questions about cacao that Nick decided to record a podcast all about it.

Nick also has a Soul Lift Cacao Tour coming in late October. He'll lead Tantric Expansion Cacao Ceremonies in various cities running from Colorado out to and around California. Please visit the Facebook event page and invite your friends in those places!

Be sure to check out the Soul Lift Cacao Facilitator Training coming in November 2017. It will feature three video webinars, 500g of ceremonial cacao paste, and many more features and extras. One extra is an recording of a tour around Finca el Porvenir, the organic farm in Guatemala where Nick gets his ceremonial cacao. The first 15 people who sign up will get a 30-minute coaching call with Nick to get clear about your unique cacao offering. And if you sign up before the end of September you'll get a ceremonial serving of TRUE RAW (sun-dried) cacao to compare it to the usual fire-roasted kind. (Nick explains the difference in this podcast.)

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