Hey, I'm Nick Meador

I started meditating in 2010.

That was my first attempt to relieve the debilitating anxiety I had been experiencing for years. I couldn't find anyone to guide me at the time, but an Internet acquaintance sent some basic meditation instructions.

I figured it couldn't hurt to try it out.

And after only two months of regular meditation, a chronic case of indigestion that used to require medication simply disappeared and never came back.

It still amazes me to think about that!

That was great. But then in 2011 I fell very ill and couldn't find a medical explanation. That's because the illness wasn't just physical.

Doctors called it "chronic fatigue syndrome," but that's exactly what it says. A syndrome is just a collection of symptoms that keep occurring together, which is different than a disease. In other words...

It did involve my body, but also my mind, and somehow even my soul.

Thus began a search for answers, not just to the question of why I felt physically sick, but also for the lingering feeling that something had been "off" throughout my entire life.

I literally tried every possible test and treatment I could find – whether allopathic (modern Western medical), naturopathic, homeopathic, holistic, integrative, or shamanic.

I see now that I wasn't just trying to cure an illness.

I was looking for the purpose of my life.

I admitted to myself that I had been struggling with depression for nearly a decade but always avoided getting help.

So through my search I also found my way into the offices of many psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Some of those encounters helped, but some actually cut into my sense of self-confidence and forward progress in life.

I also found groups that were at least willing to examine the connections between the body, the mind, and... the part of human life that can't be distilled down to one or both of those.


I realized I was craving a deeper connection to spirituality.

My meditation practice evolved into something like a spontaneous gentle yoga flow. This calmed my mind more than seated meditation, and also relieved muscle tension.

But any yoga studio classes I tried left me feeling worse afterwards. The arrangement of postures, pace of movement, and other factors were not at all what my body needed.

In the meantime, I discovered that I had some skill for facilitating workshops in which people had an opportunity to create a transformative shift in their life.

So I sought more training. But no single system for holistic healing or self-development had all the answers.

And a lot of those groups and systems reeked of BS.

The theories blending psychology and spirituality had glaring contradictions that I couldn't swallow. I grew up in suburban Detroit and needed something more down-to-earth than the airy mysticism I kept encountering.

Plus I witnessed abuse of power by spiritual leaders, loss of personhood in a group's identity, and punishment if anyone questioned the official dogma. I couldn't sit back and pretend like all that was okay with me.

Eventually I saw that it's not possible for one system to have it all – that everyone's path of developing an introspective practice is unique.

Instead I began to identify the parallels between different modalities that would allow me to guide people towards a lighter, freer way of living while also giving them space to find what works for them.

I don't try to adjust them to my beliefs or viewpoint on reality. I encourage people to find their own truth.

So many authorities in the realm of mind/body/spirit health try to:

  • Tell people how a human being "should" be or act.
  • Refer to abstract theories of what is "healing" or "therapeutic."
  • Use insider terminology, whether from a psychology book or a spiritual text.
  • Rely on rigid formulas that don't allow that person to discover or express who they really are.

Instead, I meet people wherever they are and keep things as practical as possible. I don't ask ask people to use insider jargon. I adapt to their style of communication.

Personally I have overcome chronic anxiety, depression, fatigue, and substance abuse. And while many figures in different camps provided assistance, ultimately I had to take responsibility for my own well-being to make any real progress.

I can help you seize this power to influence your own experience, find your unique purpose for being alive, and then LIVE IT with more empowerment and fulfillment.

I do this through private coaching, online courses, workshops, and retreats.

I synthesize the best of what I found throughout my long search, and present it with my own cutting-edge approach to facilitation. It's all about making these practices more accessible and fun for ordinary people.

The spiritual quest is meant to be an adventure, after all!


I realize the BS Free Spirituality approach is not traditional or ordinary in any way.

But sometimes it's necessary to respectfully break from tradition and social norms in order to move along the path towards our true destiny.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

–Nick Meador