Are you craving a lighter, freer way of being in your day-to-day life?

Each year more and more people are catching on to the benefits that yoga, meditation, and similar practices can have on the mind and the body.

But just as many people are missing out, for reasons that are similar across the board. There's often:

  • An airy presentation that rings as inauthentic.

  • Pressure to adopt a new belief system.

  • Rigid structures and routines that prevent personal exploration.

  • Lack of awareness about power dynamics, which creates the potential for abuse or actual abuse.

  • A dry and boring approach to something meant to be fun and adventurous!


There's a better way

BS Free Spirituality is all about de-mystifying introspective practice – ”introspective” meaning anything that allows us to look at our own mental processes, emotional content, and body sensations.

Founder Nick Meador understands that it can be scary to even try something that might be called “spiritual." So he strives to make it really, really easy for you. He will:

  • Use words that you can actually understand!

  • Help you identify your “growing edge” and how to gently step outside your comfort zone.

  • Track your unique process at it flows between thoughts and emotions, body sensations, interpersonal situations… even possibly night dreams.

  • Prioritize your fulfillment, joy, purpose, and liberation… not an abstract philosophy on the way you “should” be.

  • Guide you to develop a personal self-care practice that allows you to crush it in life as never before.

Nick identifies the common parallels underlying various awareness and self-development modalities, so that you can avoid wasting time and get right to the point.

The trick is that different things work for different people at different times.


"Any system taken 100 percent without question can lead to insanity." –Nick Meador


Nick offers ways for you to explore this exciting new terrain both online and offline.

There are many different paths to developing a BS Free spiritual practice or facilitating one for others. These include...



"Nick's facilitation style possesses a serious authenticity, an element I often find to be lacking or even missing in many facilitators today. Instead of fluffing something up or speaking generally, he keeps it real and speaks from his experience; providing a space for everyone to have their own unique transformative journey without having to be told what that looks like. It's refreshing to be led in a heart-opening experience that is held in such a solid yet malleable container – strong enough to go deep and soft enough to open up."

–Nina Johnson, owner, Empower Thyself Reiki